About the website

My name is Chris and Mr Biography is my new initiative. The idea behind it is to provide a centralized source of information about interesting, important and influential people, preferably already dead, who have left their mark in areas they were busy working in throughout their lives. In other words, detailed biographies.

One great place to learn about people is Wikipedia, but even the biggest of pages are still relatively small. When someone works hard for his entire life, you just can't put all of that on a single page as it would make it unreadable. Often there are input errors there, and because everyone can chip in, some of the information comes from dubious sources. Rumors are often presented as facts etc.

Looking only for verified sources and then gathering huge piles of information is a terrifying task, but it so happens that I find it very interesting, so it's pure joy for me!

When you wander about my website, you will find that there aren't too many people covered. The idea is to put together as much information as possible and move on only when I can't find any more subjects to gather enough intel to write an article about. And here lies the website's worth. Only on fansites with the most obsessed owners you will find more information about specific subjects than here!

In a way then, Mr Biography is a compilation of fansites, only they are done by one person. I try to provide value beyond standard articles to giving essential information without forcing readers to scroll through everything. Each person's main page is a good example of that, where all the hobbies, phobias, preferences etc. are gathered and presented in an easy to read way.

To find what you are looking for, check the navigation menu on the left first. Keep in mind that it is different for top-level pages and for profile/article pages - in case of the latter, it also contains main navigational links to groups of articles about a person whose biography you are reading at the moment.

Hopefully, you will find many interesting facts and have fun while at it!

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