George Barris

An old photo of young George Barris standing in front of wall and smiling towards camera


November 20, 1925


November 5, 2015


car customizer, designer


Batmobile, Munster Koach


  • childhood
  • teenage years
  • first gigs
  • first time he was recognized
  • moving his business to Hollywood
  • most popular cars
  • work he did for the stars
  • late years
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Famous movie cars

George's reputation was so big that he began working in top productions instantly after breaking through to Hollywood. The demand for his line of work was huge - kids loved cars and high-budget movies had increasingly more action scenes.

Building them wasn't the extent of the designer's job. He maintained them, arranged stunts, coordinated chase scenes, educated actors about how they should behave around cars to make their characters more realistic, and more. What people will remember him most for though were the iconic cars he has created.

The article tells the stories behind his most recognizable works, arranged chronologically as they were built.

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Celebrity cars

Simultaneously with getting into the movies, Barris and his crew found way into Hollywood garages. After all, stars were constantly under observation, they were brands and wanted to make the best possible impression. Naturally, it transferred to their vehicles. They all used cars, after all!

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