Alfred Hitchcock
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Below, you can browse through some of the pictures of the director Alfred Hitchcock, often with his wife and/or other people who were very close to him throughout his life (Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman). Instead of going for the quantity (there are few great robust galleries already), the idea here was to select the best ones and narrow it down to a reasonable amount.

The gallery is chronological, with the exception of few photographs whose precise dates are unknown - their dates were guessed and then the pictures were put accordingly.

Hitchcock at the set of Pleasure Garden, standing by the rails.
Pleasure Garden
Young Hitchcock on the set of Mountain Eagle, pointing a finger vigorously.
Mountain Eagle
Alma Reville and Alfred Hitchcock's wedding.
Alfred Hitchcock with his writer and Peter Llore standing in what looks like a stripped confessional.
Secret Agent
Hitchcock working with Alma, with a mystery never identified secretary by him watching some notes.
Working with Alma
Hitchcock instructing a young boy on the set of Young and Innocent.
Young and Innocent
Hitchcock together with three ladies on the set of The Lady Vanishes.
Lady Vanishes
Hitchcock, Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine by the table, Hitch and Olivier staring at each other.
Hitchcock family walking the dog out in peaceful suburbs. Hitchcock tries to eat something.
Walking the dog
Hitch pretending to slash his own throat with a knife to the delight of his wife.
Hitch 'slashing' his throat
Alfred shows Ingrid Bergman few tricks that the trained dog starring in the picture has.
Alfred with Ingrid Bergman
Hitch standing in the rain, with his back to the camera.
Standing in the rain
Hitch staring seriously towards camera on the set of Rear Window.
Rear Window
Alma Reville, Grace Kelly and Hitchcock looking at someone else attentively. Grace Kelly is in a beautiful white wedding dress.
Hitch, Grace Kelly, Alma Reville
Hitch tells some story to the cast of of To Catch a Thief. Everyone else is having a great time following the story.
To Catch a Thief
Hitch and Steward posing to the camera in a corridor.
Hitchcock and Stewart
Hitchcock on his knees looking through a camera on the set of North by Northwest.
North by Northwest
Hitch discovers his writer to be asleep on a chair.
One of the most famous Hitchcock pictures in which he stands in front of camera with a table holding a Psycho clapboard.
A rather old Hitchcock posing to the camera, his face very serious.
Another serious pose from Hitch, this time with Norman Bates lurking in the background.
Psycho 2
Hitch and Alma smiling, Alfred holding his hand on a hard as if he'd be swearing something.
With Alma
A fish eye camera picture of Hitch trying to scare Ina Balke on some field.
With Ina Balke
Hitch holding a revolver in a funny way.
Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Hitch standing behind cobwebbed bars with a crow right by him.
The Birds
Hitch listening to a recording on the set of The Birds, screaming as if the sound would be too loud.
The Birds 2
A colored picture of Stewart, Kelly and Hitchcock on the set of Rear Window.
Rear Window
Old Alfred goofing around from behind a curtain.
Behind a curtain
Hitch instructing how to frame the picture on the set of Topaz.
Alfred Hitchcock's very realistically-looking puppet being drowned.
Andy Warhol kneeing in respect in front of a sitting Hitchcock.
With Andy Warhol
On the set of Pleasure Garden, 1925
On the set of Mountain Eagle, 1926
Alfred's and Alma's wedding, 1926
On the set of Secret Agent: John Gielrud, Hitch, Peter Lorre
Hitch, Alma and their secretary working on a project
On the set of Young and Innocent,1937
Hitchcock entertaining ladies on the set of Lady Vanishes, 1938
Hitch with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier on the set of Rebecca, 1940
Hitch, Alma and their daughter Pat walking the dog
Alfred joking in front of Alma in a restaurant in 1943
Alfred showing Ingrid Bergman his dog's obedience
Hitch alone with his umbrella withstanding rain
Standing on the set of Rear Window
Hitchcock, his wife and Grace Kelly enjoying themselves, 1954
Hitch, Auber, Grant, Vanel, Kelly, Landis and John Williams.
Publicity still for The Man Who Knew too Much, 1956
Working from behind a camera on a set of North by Northwest
Hitch catching Bernard Herrmann asleep on the set of Vertigo
Hitchcock on the set of Psycho, 1960
A classic Alfred Hitchcock photograph
A comedic pose with Norman Bates standing by
Hitchcock and his wife Alma smiling
Part of a fun photo shoot with Ina Balke
Hitch holding a gun as if it was a toy, 1962
With a crow on the set of The Birds
On the set of The Birds, 1963
A colored still from the set of Rear Window, 1964
Hitch hiding awkwardly behind a curtain, 1966
Hitchcock giving instructions during filming of Topaz, 1969
Hitchcock's dummy soaking wet, 1972
In a meeting with Andy Warhol, 1974