Hajime Isayama

Young Hajime Isayama posing for the photograph.


August 29, 1986




manga artist


Attack on Titan


  • childhood
  • style coming to shape
  • Attack on Titan: first steps
  • Attack on Titan: workflow
  • Attack on Titan: reception, impact
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  • His favorite Attack on Titan character is Captain Levi Ackerman, the enigmatic dark killing machine that Eren works with. However, in one interview he said that his favorite is actually Jean and he mostly likes him for the fact that he is straightforward and says what he thinks.
  • While internet is full of people addressing celebrities in comment sections, forum posts etc., as if they would ever be able to read it, Hajime actually reads a lot of those! He appreciates the fact that people say what they think on the internet and treats all comments concerning Attack on Titan as potential clues worth considering.
  • Isayama loves MMA and combat sports in general, but does not hurry to train himself. From time to time, he runs and abuses his chin-up bar.
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