Jules Stein

Young Jules Stein sitting behing the desk, smiling.


April 26, 1896


April 29, 1981




founding Music Corporation of America


  • gigs on university ground
  • first booking work
  • preparing to become an ophthalmologist
  • starting Music Corporation of America
  • issues with radio networks
  • scoping for new markets
  • entering Hollywood
  • late MCA years
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Personal life

  • childhood
  • adult life
  • personality
  • health problems
  • death
  • philantrophy
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  • parents Rosa and Louis
  • brother Bill
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  • As a child, he enjoyed constructing thing things from pipes, much to the disgust of his mother Rosa. His other hobby, probably more supported by her, was crafts.
  • Together with Doris Stein, Jules collected a lot of staggering furniture for his office in Los Angeles. The problem was that there were a lot of bookshelves in them and leaving them empty would look terrible, so in one major initiative he bought a them in bulk to fill those shelves. He got a little bit carried away with the amount though and as a result they had tens of thousands too many.
  • Every morning, Jules was reading five different newspapers to catch up with what is going on. He continued that routine deep into his retirement days.
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